Our Story


The Farm Dog name was inspired by our mischievous mini Australian Shepherd, Issie. Because of her endless amount of energy, she is the true definition of a working farm dog. During her free time she enjoys hiking, playing with our chickens, and dreaming of herding a flock of sheep someday as any herding dog would.


We started our farm because we wanted to provide our customers with great food that supports a wholesome healthy lifestyle. Our farm is our passion. We love eating healthy and enjoy good food. Like us, our customers live busy lives and usually don't have extra time to make a wholesome meal but still wish to maintain a healthy diet. That's why it's so easy to grab our microgreens and put them in your sandwich, on top of soup, or to eat as a salad. The possibilities are truly endless with Farm Dog organic microgreens.


Our promise to our customers is to serve them with the utmost respect, and to provide the best microgreens possible. For all the Farm Dog microgreens you purchase, we promise to give back to our community by donating to our local animal shelter. We hope you will help us, help others, and help animals, by enjoying our delicious microgreens today.


Mark is a USA Army veteran, and Melissa is an entrepreneur who has big dreams for the Farm Dog Microgreens brand. On their free time, they enjoy spending time together doing outdoor activities.